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Denim Art Jackets

My pre-loved denim jackets come from many different eras. The 80's jackets tend to have a boxy fit and look, where the 90's jackets are more taylor and the denim has spandex. There are short styles and long styles, blue and white denim. All embellished with my original art. Themes available are; Long Beach Island Beach Badge Collage, LBI is My Happy Place Mermaid, LBI Hot Spots Logos, Women Rule the World and Peace, Love and Freedom. So come try on my creations in person and find the best fit.

My Live Show Schedule 2024
  • Simpson Wedding Clutch

    The mother of the groom wants to hi-light her son's long time love of The Simpson's. She sent me the photos of her copper sequin dress, shoes and photos from the Simpson's wedding episode. I found a champagne gold vintage clutch and the perfect copper sequined trim on ebay. The photo collage was tinted copper to keep the clutch dressy for her special occasion. Sara will be the bell of the ball! Contact me to have a special handbag made for your occasion.
  • Daughters Artwork Clutch

    Pamella had me make this clutch for her graffiti wall artist daughter. She sent me photos of the wall art and I showcased them on this vintage clutch. It was the perfect gift for this mom is say, my daughter's art rocks!
  • A Special Memory Handbag

    My customer saw my vintage Bathers Handbag displayed at one of my craft shows and had the idea for the perfect gift. She provided this is a photo of her mother on holiday in Italy in the 1930's and I made her this custom handbag for mom's 90th birthday. Mom loved this sentimental gift and promptly traded in her channel bag. She recently died at the age of 94 and this treasured handbag was displayed at her memorial service and is now displayed as a tribute to mom at her daughters home.